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UGC creator

Earn Money Creating Content for Brands

  • US$ 80 - 240US$ / per content
  • Make good money regardless of your follower count.
  • Start working right now
  • You don't have to show your face

We are currently recruiting new people to work as UCG Creators. Remote Vacancies only. You can do it anonymously, you don't need to post it on your own social network or show your face.


You must have access to at least one of the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet, notebook or desktop computer.

Contract Period

Without a fixed term. Payments: $ 80 - 240$ / per content (Depending on the number of posts you create).

Skills / Prerequisites needed

You must have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Be able to work autonomously. Reliable internet connection. Anyone can apply, regardless of age or level of experience.


Remote online work. Due to high levels of demand, we are significantly expanding the number of remote workers in these vacancies

Hours per week: Flexible

If you can start immediately, please click in the button bellow and register by completing the following form